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March 2016

The Rheumatologist

Late last year, I received an invitation from Dr Simon Helfgott (Boston), the editor of Rheumatology News, to write a major article on Hughes Syndrome. Now published, the article is clinically based, and, I hope it highlights the fact that not all of Hughes Syndrome is ‘thrombosis and miscarriage’ but includes features as varied as bone fracture, sleep disturbance and stillbirth (a topic I will cover in this month’s blog). The article is published in “The Rheumatologist” (Vol 10, No 2, Feb 2016) ( and has been well received – including the following email from Professor Gerry Weissmann, Dean Emeritus of New York University School of Medicine – one of my medical ‘heroes’ – “What a masterful article by a giant in our field…to be treasured.”

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